This is my personal web page, where I present my research career. In this page you can find my research interests, the list of my publications, and the lists of events and courses I attended along my career.

About Me

In 2013, I started a double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. A double degree is a special educational plan of 5 years that leads to the acquisition of both a Mathematics degree and a Computer Science degree, as well as their respective certificates.

Since my first year, I had an interest for research. Every course was an opportunity to improve and enlarge my knowledge about the latest research topics. In 2017, in my last year of degree, I took an Erasmus studentship to the KTH University of Stockholm. 2017 was also the time to work on my degree thesis, where I started to collaborate with one of the research groups working on Formal Methods in my university: the Design and Testing of Reliable Systems (DTRS) research group.

My early research collaboration required a deepening on some Mathematics and Software Engineering topics that I did not have back then. Therefore, I had to improve my knowledge in these fields. I was also looking for grants to attend different national and international conferences, being the attendance to the 30th edition of ICTSS, with a grant suported by IFIP, the most remarkable one.

I concluded my studies in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2018 with a degree thesis (I obtained the highest mark) where I studied the application of an Information Theory concept (Squeeziness) to black-box testing. A revised version of the thesis has been recently published in Information & Software Technology.

During these years I have created a base of knowledge in Computer Science that only increased my interest in research. At the beginning of my Master studies, my collaboration with the DTRS research group became stronger because I started to work in new lines of investigation. This has increased my knowledge, but at the same time my interest, in the broader field of Formal Methods for software systems, specially in machine learning and software testing. As a result, two papers were accepted in the 2019 editions of IWANN and SMC respectively.

Finally, in 2019 I started my PhD on Computer Science, focused on the broad field of software testing. Specially, in the application of Information Theory and Artificial Intelligence to Software Testing. However, that was not my only research focus, and as a result of that I also have work in other fields.